Aircraft engine overhaul can significantly increase the resale value of an aircraft, but even more importantly, an overhaul can extend the life of an aircraft engine and make the aircraft safer to fly. Normal wear on the metal parts of an aircraft engine can lead to tolerance increases and poor performance, which could eventually lead to engine failure. In addition, an aircraft engine overhaul allows for mechanical inspection of the engine to diagnose an issue before it becomes a major problem.

Warranty Information
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  • With an overhauled engine, all mandatory replacement items are replaced IAW Lycoming MSB 240W or Continental SB97-6B.
  • We give you the option of OEM cylinder replacements, or aftermarket cylinders (Superior Millennium)
  • Why new cylinders?
    At Pinnacle Aircraft Engines we prefer not to install Overhauled Cylinders on your engine overhaul. In most cases overhauled cylinders end up just as costly as our preferred new Superior Millennium Cylinders. With Overhauled Cylinders you don’t know the history of them. They may have 2 or 3 cycles on them or could have several welds in the exhaust ports from cracks. Welding Cast Aluminum is a very difficult job and most of the time don’t hold up to the extreme temperatures. For Pinnacle Aircraft Engines to be able to provide the industry leading warranty we only install New cylinders at Overhaul
  • Cylinders are volumetrically balanced to ensure even power generation across all cylinders (equal displacements on each side of the crankshaft). The Result, more power and a smooth balanced engine.
  • Crankcases are line-bored, stress relieved, and certified if determined to be needed after initial inspection.
  • Crankshafts are cleaned, polished, measured, and in-house NDT is performed for re-certification (unless determined to measure beyond “new limits”)
  • All accessories are overhauled or replaced, tested, and certified.
  • External hardware and brackets are cadmium plated to eliminate the possibility of future corrosion.
  • Additional Options
    • New Engine Hose Kits
    • Engine Baffle Repair and New Baffles Seal (red, black, or blue) reinstating the proper engine-cooling airflow.
    • Exhaust System cleaned and inspected (sent out for repair if necessary).


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