When you first look at it, the word dynamometer may appear to be quite the mouthful! To make it easier to understand and remember, we can break it down into its Latin root words—dynamo, which means “force, energy or power,” and meter, which means “instrument used to measure or count.”

Pinnacle Aircraft Engines has “one-of-a-kind”, state-of-the-art engine Dyno testing equipment that allows us to record a significant amount of information on a particular engine assembly in a safe, controlled environment. Development and longevity testing is performed on the dyno and is much more efficient than flight testing, offering significant time and cost savings. And possibly most important, our customers benefit from our experience with multiple engine combinations to maximize their configuration.

Our data acquisition system is the key to extracting and utilizing information from our dyno. We have the capability of recording more than 40 channels of data, at sample rates up to 48kHz (48,000 samples per second). From these large data files, the system can quickly produce data sheets showing HP and Torque vs. RPM, with overlays of individual cylinder EGT’s, CHT’s, AFR, crankcase pressure, fuel flow, detonation, or any other combination. We utilize the SAE J607 testing standards including atmospheric correction so that we can accurately compare engine output readings from day-to-day climate changes.

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