Just Plane Radio 10-2-21

This week Captain Dennis broadcasts from Pinnacle Aircraft Engines for the first test of his newly overhauled engine. Plus an update from last week on Coleman Young Airport in Detroit. Your browser does not support the audio element. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Breaking News!

Captain Dennis’s Mooney engine is running! Tune in this Saturday, October 2nd as we take you to Pinnacle Aircraft Engines to witness the first test run of the Mooney’s IO-360 engine. We also posted a video of the test run on YouTube where you can watch the engine come alive.

I finally got THE call!

JD and the team at Pinnacle Aircraft Engines had the Mooney’s engine assembled and ready run. They offered to wait on the first startup to give me an opportunity to travel to their facility and witness the engine run first hand. I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I quickly booked tickets on Delta and RSVP’d…


There’s a kitchen analogy in there somewhere. You know the one: You set out to change the kitchen faucet and end up with a $50,000 kitchen remodel! Only in my case, it was a wing repair from a bird strike that led to a $50,000 engine and propeller overhaul—even though the bird came nowhere near…

Speed Is in the Air

Air racing at Reno is part iron-age anachronism but also leading-edge development of the airplanes flying today. Where else can you say “4360 cubic inches” with a straight face, or witness what happens when you put 90 some inches of manifold pressure on a big-inch Continental or clip the wings on a Pitts? It’s all…